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Heat Pumps

Running costs savings and income from the Renewable Heat Incentive made ground source heat pumps an obvious choice over the alternative, oil boilers. Working with leading specialist, Ecoliving, gave us and the client a lot of confidence

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Heat Pump Systems

Diagram of a ground source heat pump system installation

Heat pumps are energy efficient heating systems that harness and utilize renewable heat energy from the environment. The heat energy is upgraded, via a refrigeration cycle, producing enough hot water at a high enough temperature to supply a building with heating and hot water.

See our page on how a heat pump works for further information on the refrigeration cycle.

Types of Heat Pump Systems

We provide a range of different systems depending on your property's individual needs, each harnessing heat energy from different sources:

Each of these sources capture solar energy throughout the day that can then be utilized and converted into heat energy which is a renewable resource, providing an environmentally friendly way of heating your property.

Heat pumps intelligently heat your property, replacing conventional oil and gas boilers, which are typically about 80-90% efficient and all-electric system and can now be found in thousands of homes across the UK. This also provides an effective heating solution within many community, commercial, industrial and public buildings, delivering an annual efficiency of between 250-400% in heating and hot water. See our commercial heat pump case studies for examples of previous installations from Ecoliving.

Ecodan w85 air source heat pumpThermia Diplomat Duo L2 4392 hot water cylinder

Air Source Heat Pump               Ground source heat pump and hot water cylinder.

At Ecoliving, we have many years' experience of installing a wide range of brine to water and air to water heat pump systems from leading manufacturers.

Installation Process

With the installation of a heat pump in your home or property, gone are the days of having to blast on the central heating for a couple hours in the morning or early evening to keep warm. By switching your heating over to a more eco-friendly solution from us can ensure that your indoor temperature remains comfortable 24 hours a day, is easily manageable and depending on the fuel being replaced, you could see reduced heating bills.


In recent years, the technology involved in heat pump systems has developed in leaps and bounds. Resulting in systems becoming much more efficient, quieter and with user-friendly controls that can be accessed remotely via the internet.

Our installation service is available across central and southern Scotland from our Glasgow head office and within reach of our offices in the south of England. We also provide the installation of heat pump systems with underfloor heating or radiators in new and existing, domestic and commercial buildings following MCS compliant energy performance calculations. Ecoliving has been involved in the design, procurement, installation and servicing of domestic and commercial heat pumps throughout the UK since 2004, which means that we have a lot of experience and expertise available for you to call on.

Typical Investment Required

As an indication of the level of investment required for an air source heat pump, for example, a complete installation in a domestic property can be done for between £8,000 and £10,000, with VAT at a special reduced rate of 5%, the installation is also likely to be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

The amount saved on heating bills depends on the particular characteristics of the property and how warm you like to heat your home but considerable savings are possible if replacing oil, LPG or all-electric heating.

The Ecoliving Approach

Gary Surveying b

Ecoliving's approach is to assess the needs of your property, the characteristics of your site and understand your ambitions in terms of micro-renewable energy. Our broad range of renewable energy technologies means that we are able to suggest a solution that is appropriate for your specific circumstances. If a heat pump is not appropriate we will tell you why and suggest an alternative renewable heating solution.

As an independent supplier, Ecoliving can provide a broad range of heat pumps from a number of different manufacturers in addition to designing, installing and maintaining systems throughout the UK.

To find out whether a heat pump is appropriate for heating your property, fill up the form below and we'll arrange a free, no-obligation site survey or call us on 0845 302 3121.

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